Therrin Juneau
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My Prayers and Condolences  / Tracy Anderson (Co-Worker)  Read >>
My Prayers and Condolences  / Tracy Anderson (Co-Worker)
I offer my sincerest condolences and prayers for the family of Mr. Juneau. He always had a friendly and uplifting word to share. He promoted a positive attitude toward the teachers and the students; he was one of their greatest cheerleaders and supporters. I will miss seeing him on our campus. May God continue to comfort and strengthen his family now and the days to come. Close
Friendship Delayed  / Catherine Pratt (Friend and coworker )  Read >>
Friendship Delayed  / Catherine Pratt (Friend and coworker )
Jolly Juneau, Although we just met in August 2019,seems we've known each other forever. We found out we were PV Panthers, we have a ton of mutual acquaintances, and we share the passion for improving the lives of children and youth. We knew the moment we interviewed you that you were the fit, and you were nothing short of an amazing mentor, sideline, pre, and postgame coach! You were able to connect with some of most challenging students seamlessly, and you truly understand the iceberg theory. Your presence will be sorely missed, but your spirit is forever, Friend. I'm gonna miss our after school hype sessions in the cafeteria. Rest well, and this PV Homecoming is for you! Love you, Bro! Close